Costume Crunch Part 2

Just as I promised, the part two to Costume Crunch! The cheaper version!

Perhaps you’re your going to Comikaze? Maybe a Halloween party… It’s a costume you’ve been wanting forever but sacrificing rent on it may not be you;re best idea.

I leave here with you a link, a link of great importance. Cosplay Show is your source for cheap costumes, made well. Their price ranges from 7.99 to 200.00, but don’t let that daunt you. They always have new things going on sale, so if the one you want is just out of reach, wait a minute. It could go on sale tomorrow…

Costume Crunch

It happens to the best of us, life gets in the way and suddenly Halloween is next week. Well, i do say this with a great amount of reservation but, Fear not!

For the very low price of one human soul, maybe a limb, this site has a gigantic collection of costumes for sale in a range of sizes. Cosplays for your favorite, movie, anime, and video game! It’s beautiful to look at and painful to pay for, if you’re me.

Maybe your job pays better, and if that’s the case, “You go! I’m proud of you!”

If , however, your job pays you bean and gives you three hours a week, fear not! I will post again as soon as a find a place with our price range.


But you still should check it out, drool a little even. I won’t judge, we’ve all been there…

Fabrics for historical costuming

A Damsel in This Dress


We all know that very often it is the fabric that makes The Dress. A wisely chosen set of materials will bring out the beauty of the design, will enhance the tailoring – or even hide some dressmaking mistakes.  A less than perfectly sewn dress will look amazing if the fabric is right – and a fantastically well stitched creation can be badly marred by a poor fabric choice.

Naturally what fabrics we chose differs – all depends on the purpose of the garment. If it is a one off frock cobbled together for a friend’s fancy dress party,  you may not want to spend a lot on expensive silks; however if you are planning  a creation that you are going to wear a lot, or if you strive for authenticity, the correct fabric choice is essential.

In this post I shall mostly concentrate on the historical accuracy and will…

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Ladies of Fairytale

Follow the link for more incredible work…